Repair Services

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If The Shoe Fits - Repair It
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Recycle Your Shoes

Shoe repair is among the oldest forms of recycling. Each year, the shoe repair industry keeps some 62 million pairs of shoes out of landfills and on consumers' feet.

Quality well-maintained footwear can be resoled many times at a fraction of the cost of new shoes. Shoes can look almost like new again once new soles and heels and reconditioned uppers are supplied, yet retain that broken in comfortable feel and it saves you money. It is not uncommon for men and women to get five years and more out of a good pair of shoes with proper care.

Repairing your worn heels alone can help alleviate a variety of physical problems. The affects on your posture from walking on unlevel shoes can also result in long term issues with your feet, ankles, knees, hips and back which can cause unnecessary pain.

Remember... "You're not dressed up if your shoes are worn down". So come on in and let us refurbish your favorite shoes

Repair Services - New Shoes

Stretch and adjust shoes for increased comfort
Adapt shoes to fit unique feet
Professionally waterproof to protect for salt stains
Replace heel tips from slippery plastic to non-skid rubber
Add heel savers to prolong the life of the heel cup
Add non-skid protective soles to prolong the life of shoes and add comfort
Orthopedic Alterations & Prescriptions Filled

Repair Services - Worn Shoes

Replace heels and soles - Ladies & Men's Dress & Casual Shoes
Apply protective soles - Protects the original sole and adds comfort
Repair upper of shoe - Rips, tears, elastic
Birkenstock Repair - New Soles, Heels, Cork, Buckles, etc

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Professional Restoration = cleaning, polish, dye (change color or refurbish) and refinish

Stretch footware that is too tight
Replace eyelets, laces, and other hardware
Replace Insoles with leather or cushioned insoles
Shoe shines - Polish - Condition

Other Repair Services

Luggage repair
Zipper repair and installation
Leather patching and sewing of: purses, handbags, briefcases, belts, baseball gloves, shoes, golfbags
Orthopedic Alterations & Prescriptions Filled

Repair Thru Mail Service

Repair thru the mail is available
Just ship your shoes to us with Name, Address and Phone Number
Note with type of work to be done
We will inspect your shoes and give you a call with a cost estimate
We will also inform you if we determine other repairs are necessary


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