Proper  Shoe  Fit
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When shopping for footwear, if the shoe doesn't feel good or is too tight, don't buy it because it won't stretch enough to be comfortable.  If they are just a little snug, then usually they can be stretched to losen them a bit.  Make sure you follow these guidelines:


It may sound chic to say you have to suffer for fashion, but corns, bunions, hammer toes, shortened calf muscles and ingrown toenails don't sound like "must-haves" for fashion.  These afflictions may be exactly what you're getting when you reach everyday for the stilettos instead of the Rockports.

A report last year from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons found that only 21 percent of women wore high heels (more than two inches) to work, compared with 34 percent 10 years ago, according to  Instead, women are reaching for sensible shoes.

The ideal shoes?  Some podiatrists recommend one-and-a-half to two-inch chunky heels with padded insoles and plenty of room for the toes to move, according to

Limit the amount of time you wear high heels.  For high heels with thin soles, you can have a thin rubber sole cemented to the bottom of the shoe to cushion the foot, which aides in added comfort.   Alternate with good quality flats for part of the day, and choose comfort shoes for weekends and casual use.  Choose shoes that give your toes room to move.  Experts recommend laced, rather than slip on shoes for best fit.  Make sure your sandals have straps.

According to Dr. David Stege, a specialist in foot and ankle disorders, even nylon pantyhose can cause excessive perspiration which may encourage fungal infections like athlete's foot. "Inexpensive nylon pantyhose can also cause forefoot problems...the cramping and pressure of the hose can contribute to ingrown toenails and hammertoes," according to his web site.

If you're over 65 make sure you choose lightweight, shock-absorbing soles that are not slippery and  leather uppers that breathe.

If you're pregnant, realize that your feet may grow a full size -- give up the high heels! Look for substantial, comfy styles with thick, supportive  soles.